The Agricultural Cooperative

Agriculture is one of the most important building blocks for our society, and learning about the art of farming is an important contribution to the wellbeing of a community, especially in rural contexts. For this reason, the Foundation facilitates the development of a thriving local farming cooperative. We are dedicated to bringing affordable high quality resources and services to the local farming community. Our trainings facilitate the diversification of production. Most local farmers currently focus on cultivating cassava and corn for personal consumption, limiting therefore the nutritional family intake. We provide training in modern farming techniques as well as give access to farming resources such as seeds, fertilizer as well as adequate farming tools, addressing the needs of the local community. Through our trainings, participants learn how to plan their fields, grow a variety of vegetables, improve their yields, and fight plant diseases.

In addition, we also offer in-field practice, where participants can apply what they have learnt as well as share experiences and knowledge with eachother. Moreover, we provide consultancy and regularly visit the participants in their own fields accompanying them, answering questions and assessing the impact of the training they have received. These evaluations help us reflect, plan and modify our approach according to direct experience.