The School

The foundation has started a school, which includes kindergarten, located in a rural setting and gives access to education to the children of the surrounding areas. The programme that is utilized inspires the whole community to be involved in the child’s education, and encourages the child to be an active participant of his and her learning. What distinguishes the educational program we use is the emphasis on both intellectual and moral empowerment. With a particular focus on the rural education setting, the course materials have special relevance to those involved in typical village life.

The use of creativity, the arts and participatory learning techniques contributes to maximising the potential of each child. In our school, we utilize locally-relevant educational materials and we maintain small class sizes, placing special attention on the education of girls.

The teachers

Inspired by the belief that education is one of the most meritorious acts a person can engage in, as educators, our teachers are motivated to put themselves at the service of their community.

The training we offer helps the teachers to recognise the nobility of the human character, and how vital the teacher is in helping children to grow physically, academically and morally. In the same way that a gardener cares for a plant to grow, so does each teacher help the student to acquire that which is good for them in their material and spiritual development.

Moral education

Based on the recognition of the virtues inherent in all human beings, the foundation aims at guiding the teachers on how to use education as the tool for mining these “gems” inherent in every child. From the beginning of the school day till the final lesson our school intends to provide an environment which is conducive to spiritual and moral upliftment.

Children engage in saying prayers, singing songs and listening to stories which promote positive characteristics such as cooperation, truthfulness and cleanliness, which they are encouraged to strive to attain. Inspiration is gathered from the different world religions and the stories and moral lessons with which they have guided humankind.