Youth and Adult Training

One of the difficulties in the Congo is the high proportion of children who do not complete school, many dropping out before completing primary school. This is due to various reasons such as a lack of financial means or the necessity to work to help their family. This has led to a significant proportion of teenagers with limited educational attainments and skills, greatly inhibiting their opportunities for future employment, despite their willingness to learn and participate in society. To address this particular group, the Gocongo Foundation has established a training facility for the teenagers who lack a primary education, providing education and vocational training to improve their practical skills, especially in agriculture, in order to increase their potential job opportunities in the surrounding rural areas, as well as empower them in developing their capacities.

Moreover, we have established an adult training institute that is accessible to all adults, regardless of their level of education and provides courses to address the needs of the local community, giving priority to courses in food and agriculture, literacy, and family health. We will evaluate the impact of the courses using a range of indicators, such as: educational attainment, employment, economic activity, health status and living conditions.

Access to knowledge is the right of every individual and a source of development, and participants to our courses find the opportunity by learning how to read and write, and by increasing their understanding of topics that are relevant to their lives, to enable them to influence their families and communities in a positive way.